How to choose glasses according to your style.

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Glasses have always been much more than a mere medical device, they are real useful accessories for those who love to enhance their style.

In fact, there is a suitable pair of glasses for every personality.

Glasses are often part of our outfit and for every circumstance you can choose to wear glasses, we at Occhialeria artigiana are ready to offer you a guide on which glasses to choose based on your style.

Here's how to match a pair of glasses according to your look:


Are you a lover of conventional, traditional style you should opt for a pair of classic glasses, that is, glasses with a timeless frame, oval, rectangular, aviator, with neutral or tortoiseshell shades.

Classic eyewear is defined as "a timeless style" and can be worn in any circumstance, be it business or social life.


Are you a lover of casual style, comfort and functionality at the same time, you should opt for a pair of essential, minimalist glasses, or glasses with a light frame, be it metal, titanium or acetate, the so-called a day or half day, or consisting only of lenses or a thin frame present only in the upper or lower part of the glasses, to which it is also possible to add clip-on, or a front mask that allows you to transform the glasses into a sunglasses.


You are a lover of fashion and the latest trends, you should opt for an innovative, modern and trendy pair of glasses, that is, glasses with irregular frames and bright colors, with flash and colored lenses.

For you, a lover of modern and innovative look, it is also possible to wear glasses with more classic shapes (oval, rectangular, aviator) revisited in a contemporary style.


Are you a lover of glamor and elegance, you should opt for a pair of chic glasses, with soft lines and a refined style, or glasses with cat-eye, butterfly or heart frames in delicate shades such as pastel or the shimmer effect.

For you, a lover of elegance, it is also possible to wear glasses with more classic frames but with embellished decorations on the temples or on the front.


You are a lover of fashion, of the exclusive look, attracted by fashion and who follows it not to be unique, you should opt for a pair of glasses with iconic shapes that recall the most popular models, or glasses with oversized, square frames, as to say that do not go unnoticed.


You are a lover of the unconventional, attracted to everything out of the ordinary and that makes you unique with a dramatic look, you should opt for a fascinating pair of glasses, or glasses with thick and eccentric frames, with an extravagant shape with bizarre and particular fronts and mirrored lenses.

But remember one thing, regardless of your style, it is important to know how to identify the feeling you get when wearing them, only that can direct you on which model to buy!

If you are curious to understand what your style is, you can virtually measure our glasses on try on and view our collection on our website.

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