Is keeping your glasses clean really that hard?

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When you buy a new pair of glasses, they are inevitably spotless and the lens is so sharp that you want it to stay that way forever.

However, sooner or later, they will get stained, it is impossible not to leave marks on them, starting from the lenses up to the nose pad and the temples that will get dirty in contact with skin and hair greases.

In this article, we at Occhialeria artigiana will give you some useful tips on what to do to always have clean glasses!

First you need to know that there are different solutions for cleaning glasses, based on the products you have available.

If, when you bought the glasses, they also provided you with a spray cleaner, remember that you can only use it with a microfiber cloth if you want to get an excellent result, on the contrary if you do not have a spray cleaner, you can still sanitize no problem. your glasses using soap or alcohol diluted with water.

After having checked which parts of the glasses are dirty, first of all it is necessary to carry out a quick cleaning with a clean microfiber cloth and then you can spray the detergent by positioning it at the right distance, neither too close nor too far from the lens so as not to create areas with accumulations of dust and dirt.

However, remember that there is a specific detergent for cleaning the lenses and that it will be different depending on the sunglasses or prescription glasses you need to clean, and the use of the cloth will be inevitable if you want to reduce the risk of scratching the lenses.

If, on the other hand, you don't have a detergent available, you can clean your glasses using just water and dish soap or alcohol diluted with water.

You can then wash the glasses with hot water and spread the detergent on the lens with a circulatory movement and let it dry, or clean them with a microfibre cloth soaked in alcohol and water.

Have you already tried to clean your glasses following our advice?

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