Do you want to wear quality glasses?

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Wear artisan glasses, made entirely by hand with quality products!

Vision care is of primary importance and should not be neglected as there are different problems related to vision, and all of us, sooner or later, will face this problem.

The reassuring thing is that there is a pair of glasses for every need, and a frame for every face that can be worn.

Choosing a pair of glasses has become very complicated today, as the market offers a wide range but you have to be very careful because when it comes to eyeglasses, choosing a good pair means finding the right compromise between solving a problem. of health and a frame that matches our aesthetic traits well and that is at the same time of quality.

There are several frames on the market and having become a real fashion accessory they are available in various colors and shapes so why prefer handmade eyewear?

Simple, having to wear it daily quality is necessary and craftsmanship has always been synonymous with quality!

Buying an artisanal product means choosing eyewear with attention to detail, unique and exclusive, of which you will be able to know its realization step by step.

We at Occhialeria artigiana produce glasses made entirely by hand by expert craftsmen, who refine shapes, cut, smooth, polish and shine our glasses using most of the time and using first choice and quality materials.

Quality is one of the characteristics of our production, our glasses are manufactured entirely in Italy, precisely in Basilicata, they are made through about 70 processing steps, starting from the freehand drawing which then becomes 3d up to the realization of the glasses including lens.

Our designs are exclusive, they adopt typical Italian craftsmanship and traditions, if you are interested, you can learn about every stage of production of our glasses, viewing the page How our glasses are made on our website or reach us directly in Strada Comunale della Mattina 30, 85050, Tito (PZ) to be able to view live.

Occhialeria artigiana.

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